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Verified: Bangkok bombing suspect’s route from Erawan shrine

Written by Asteris Masouras

Thai police have said it is quite clear the man in the yellow shirt filmed on CCTV “is the perpetrator” in the Erawan shrine bombing on Monday. The blast struck the heart of Bangkok’s tourist centre, leaving 20 people killed and over 100 injured in what the head of the country’s military junta called “the worst attack ever on the country”.

Security camera stills released by the police show the man leaving a backpack by a pillar inside the shrine, the precise point where a bomb exploded minutes later. The CCTV video was later circulated on Thai social media.

Comparing photos shared online by the Thai community with Google Maps and Street View, has verified that the suspect walked south from Erawan shrine after leaving his backpack. Clues in the top-right photo (below) allow us to confirm the suspect walked by this bus stop by the Grand Hyatt, south of Erawan. Cracks in the road, unusual back and red paving in the sidewalk, signs by the bus stop, the direction of traffic and the street meridian seen on Google Street View confirm the location.

Tracking the suspect’s route from the scene may assist investigators in tracing the cell phone he is photographed using. Metropolitan police in the UK used the logs of cellphone masts to identify would-be bombers of the Tiger Tiger nightclub in London in 2007. The data allowed them to filter down cellphones from the vicinity of Tiger Tiger as the men moved out of London from the scene.

Meanwhile, an Australian English teacher in Bangkok, Sunny Burns was questioned by police after he says people wrongly identified him as the suspect. Burns posted the following photo from the police station.


Video angles of the Erawan bombing circulated quickly after the blast. This edited video shows two security camera angles of the blast, and a passersby on a bus recording the aftermath of the explosion.

This was captured by a dashcam.

Instagram videos capture the aftermath

In this video from an apparent security camera, passersby scramble in panic after the blast.

Security forces are cordoning off what appears to be a site with wreckage from the bomb blast in this video.

Malachy Browne contributed to this piece.

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