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Malachy Browne 


MalachyMalachy is Managing Editor and Europe Anchor of Reported.ly. Based in Ireland, Malachy works with the European team to report on international stories emerging through online communities. Malachy has reported on the Arab Spring, conflicts in Ivory Coast, Yemen, Syria and Ukraine, humanitarian crises from Somalia’s famine to Typhoon Haiyan, and social and civil rights movements. He has written about eyewitness media and citizen networks for Al Jazeera, Open Democracy and the European Journalism Centre.

Malachy previously worked as News Editor with Storyful, the first social news agency. He created and edited the Irish current affairs website and magazine archive Politico.ie (2009). He worked for the political magazine, Village (2006 – 2008), contributing from 2004, and freelanced with Irish Sunday editions.

Formerly a computer programmer, Malachy enjoys newsroom innovation and creating technology that powers journalism and human rights work.

Email: malachy@firstlook.org
Twitter: @malachybrowne Facebook | Instagram | Reddit
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P. Kim Bui

P. Kim Bui is reported.ly’s deputy managing editor. She’s also an adjunct instructor at the University of Southern California and co-founder of #wjchat, a weekly Twitter chat for web journalists.

Previously, she was a part of Digital First Media’s Thunderdome, working on breaking news like the MH370 disappearance and the Ukrainian conflict. She also worked at public media outlet KPCC, spearheading mobile projects and managing KPCC’s social media and outreach efforts with content and technology partners. Her experience in Web journalism includes news organizations such as the Kansas City Star, APM’s Marketplace and the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

She is on the board of directors of the Online News Association, and co-organizes the group’s L.A. contingent. She also is the program chair of V3, a digital media conference in Los Angeles, put on by the Asian American Journalists Association.

E-mail: kim.bui@firstlook.org
Twitter: Reddit: /u/reluminous
Facebook: /pkbui
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Wendy Carrillo

Wendy Carrillo is the West Coast anchor at reported.ly. For the past eight years, she’s been the host and executive producer of the radio news magazine show, “Knowledge is Power” on KPWR Los Angeles, integrating social networks to crowdsource and curate show topics and conversations. Wendy is a regular contributor to Pivot’s Take Part Live, Huff Post Live, The Young Turks’ The Point, Al Jazeera America and CNN Latino; she has also hosted discussions on race, identity and politics for KPCC and various non-profit town halls. Her personal blog was named one of the most influential blogs by Hispanic Business Magazine, and her work in covering American-Latino issues garnered her an invitation to the first-ever White House Hispanic Policy Conference hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for Hispanics. She is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and holds a BA in Communications from CSULA and an MA in Journalism from USC.

E-mail: wendy.carrillo@firstlook.org
Twitter: Reddit: /u/wendycarrillo
Facebook: /wendycarrillo
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Andy Carvin

Andy Carvin is Editor-In-Chief and founder of reported.ly. He joined First Look Media in February 2014 after spending seven years running social media at NPR. An online community organizer since 1994, Andy has coordinating online communities on topics ranging from Internet policy to education to Hurricane Katrina. In 2001, he created SEPT11INFO, one of the very first online communities developed to respond to a breaking news event in real time. While at NPR, Andy spent two years embedded within social media communities to cover the Arab Spring, for which he was nominated to TIME magazine’s annual TIME 100 list. He is a recipient of the Knight Batten Award, the Shorty Award for best journalist on Twitter, and co-recipient of the Peabody Award for his work with NPR’s online team. In 2012, he published the book Distant Witness: Social Media, The Arab Spring And A Journalism Revolution.

E-mail: andy@firstlook.org
Twitter: Reddit: /u/acarvin
Facebook: /andycarvin
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Asteris Masouras

Asteris Masouras is an online journalist and human rights activist from Thessaloniki, Greece. He has been curating global breaking news on Twitter since 2007, where he follows stories ranging from the protests of social justice movements worldwide, to mainstream politics and conflicts around the globe, to revelations about the surveillance state and beyond. He was included in the Independent’s 2011 list of “The most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter”, for his coverage of the Arab Spring. Asteris is also the newsletter and Twitter editor for Global Voices Online, and a co-founder and editor of Global Voices in Greek.

Email: asteris@firstlook.org
Twitter: Reddit: /u/asterismasouras
Facebook: /asteris.masouras
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Marina Petrillo

Marina Petrillo is the East Coast producer at reported.ly. Based in Milan, she’s the author of two books of non-fiction and a professor of literary journalism and digital collaboration at Scuola Holden.

She spent 25 years in radio as a journalist, broadcaster and correspondent, working in both community radio at Radio Popolare, where she was editor-in-chief from 2012 to 2014, and national Italian radio at RaiRadio2. She started handpicking and curating news from social media in 2010, and eventually specialized in covering Egypt following the Jan 25, 2011 revolution. She has been covering uprisings from Taksim to Kiev to Hong Kong, with a special focus on the storytelling of public space. The Independent named her one of the 8 “most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter for world news” in 2011. She is a member of the Online News Association and a frequent speaker at International Journalism Festival, Perugia.

E-mail: marina.petrillo@firstlook.org
Twitter: Reddit: /u/alaskaHQ
Facebook: /alaskaHQ
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